Mobipeople Premium Coach


Working alongside MOBIpeople and B.A.S.E. with the involvement of several operators made it possible to design a bespoke vehicle with a clear place in its market segment, which outstands for its functionality and sharp design.



Product Specification

Design Workshop

Concept Design

3D surface modeling


Prototype follow-up


Evoke the past,
design for the future

From the get-go, the idea was to develop a well thought out product that combines MOBIpeople vehicle's recognized functionality and modularity with contemporary lines that won't become outdated shortly.

At the kick-off, we conducted a “Design Workshop” with the Coachbuilder’s team and a group of operators, to analyse our research over several items about other models from their product line-up and other Coaches in their fleet. The collected data was the culmination of all the years of experience in the Coach industry of all the participants, and from that, we condensed and filtered it into a product specification.

Appearance is important to the appeal, though function is always the BASE mantra.

Mr. Nick Dodgson | B.A.S.E.


The design refinement embodies all the desired technical features from production, operations and maintenance perspective, which translates into a bespoke product that relates to each and every operator but in a different way. Collaboration, knowledge, and vision shows that together we can do better.

Collaboration for
a new standard

The design language was developed with the client’s participation, analysing, and contribution with insights around different preliminary concepts, with the sole purpose to achieve a few quick ideas that would evoke their product line-up but also define a new direction for the brand.

"We have worked closely with BASE and a number of their customers to deliver what we believe to be an excellent balance between attractive styling and class-leading functionality."

Mr. António Catarino, GM of MOBIpeople


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