GEM Collection


A product line of solar lamps designed for outdoor and indoor applications. The premium range integrates wireless capabilities, speakers, alarms, and other special features, delivering more to homes than just light.




Concept Design

Product Architecture

Development 3D modeling



Don’t do more, do better

In a market saturated with products with different styles and features, how do you stand out from the pack? Find the gaps and be disruptive!

In our market research, we've discovered that there are two opposite aesthetical directions - thematic or minimalist - and that there's a preconceived idea that solar lamps are thought out exclusively for exterior applications. Additionally, in most cases the materials and finishes convey a cheap mass-produced look, reflecting a concern for producing low-cost and easily disposable products, instead of creating a well-thought-out product that establishes an emotional bond with its user, making it long-lasting and increasing its life cycle.


For multiple scenarios, targeting different markets and users.

Ricardo Oliveira | D-Hive


Bright idea with a smart twist

The GEM product line is designed to be experienced both on the exterior and interior, perceived as a piece of decoration or a smart product, depending on one's interpretation. The subtle sculpture on the center part provides a refined appearance, like a natural element such as an exquisite jewel, which hints at its functionality and improves the interaction with the user. The material choice and the design of the parts, which minimizes the number of joints, convey a quality appearance highlighted by the smooth feel gathered upon interacting with the product.


Other product projects


Smart card reader

This card reader was developed as a modular product, with a dynamic interface and graphics that conceal its technological complexity until it's needed.


O2 Valve Spliter

The O2 Valve Splitter was designed for underdeveloped countries and crisis scenarios, optimized for 3D Printers available on the "field".


Collectible Figures

Development of several Toys&Collectibles, most with + 100 parts engineered for production, based on the first generation Transformers series.