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eccovia is a start-up developing the future of work and charging infrastructure, which partnered with D-HIVE to design the service, create an authentic experience and build trust for their vision, through brand, product and visualization. The complete package and collaboration are worthy of an industry leader.


Service Design

Brand Development

Pitch Deck

Interior Design

CMF (Color, Material and Finishes)



The eBusiness Centers
of the future

Even before the pandemic, this german start-up identified an opportunity to develop a service around two major megatrends: flexible work and electric mobility. After analysing the market and having an understanding of how to connect both areas, the ultimate question came up: “What if a person could work in a dedicated place with services while the car is charging?!”

After starting the plans for the infrastructures with the Architectural firm Neugebauer-Roesch (N+R), eccovia turned to D-HIVE to support in the design of the company presentation and the building 3D renderings. Communication, product, architecture and visualization. As the project evolved, the D-HIVE team combined several creative disciplines to deploy a complete 360º vision of the service.




To boost a customer-centric service, we’ve mapped and identified potential touchpoints with the users. Refined the design and focused the efforts on creating impactful moments, to insure customer satisfaction, and build differentiation, loyalty, and long-term business value by meeting the customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations.

With a better understanding of the service, it was necessary to create a pitch deck to attract interest and investment to the start-up. eccovia has teamed up with D-HIVE to bring their eMobility expertise and build a solid service statement.
Without a clear company identity yet defined, we develop the colors and graphics that would be the visual image of the company and its fundamental values. In this way, we built a pitch deck and storytelling with an impact that conveys confidence among potential investors.


I love working with you because you try to bring in different perspectives into the development process, dare to question and deliver incredible results.

Marco Matutis | eccovia

Visualization tools are usually considered as means to an end. Often its value is set based on the published result, not on what we can analyse, experiment and improve in an early stage. We combined our teams’ expertise in Product, Architecture, Interior, Service, and CGI. We didn’t just create some nice images. We looked ahead with the client and envisioned the service even before it existed. Giving them the tools to improve the infrastructures and placing them ahead of the problems. 


The Interior Design is part of the brand, with details on each touchpoint that needed enhancement and several iterations to achieve the right look&feel. CMF plays an important role in how we experience an environment. Our team selected the materials aligned with the corporate guidelines, to tell a story about the brand and transmit certain company values, such as sustainability and innovation.



Other experience projects


Decora Sense user flow

Digitalization of the decoration service required the implementation of our team's UX toolkit.


EAS of the future

The LEAFHUB User Journey Map, for the Electric Autonomy Station Challenge, to design an EV charging station for the future.