Decora Sense


Our team supported entrepreneurs to create the online decoration service Decora Sense, by deploying a design strategy to develop and deliver the branding and sales platform, turning their vision into a viable business.


Innovation Strategy

Brand Design

UX Research

UI Design

Web Design

Print Material


From physical to digital

Decoration services traditionally operate from a physical space, targeting a specific demographic, and therefore are mostly dependent on a face-to-face approach to keep the business running. Digitalizing the service seems challenging at first, especially in a business area that works on a personal level, where a team of professionals needs to establish an emotional bond with its clients, enter people’s lives and impact the way they experience their homes. The pandemic and the follow-up brought change and difficulties but also opportunities to rethink certain businesses, and Decoration was no exception.


Working with D-HIVE has been a fantastic experience! Excellent team, creative, committed and knowledgeable about the market. 

Ana Montesinos | Co-founder and project manager

Creating a credible brand

Our team started by researching users’ needs and their pains, through surveys and interviews, to determine what’s their idea of a credible brand and how we can adjust the service and internal pipeline to better respond and live up to their expectations. Identifying the touchpoints and preparing the internal procedures to better respond to the client’s difficulties, was critical for the service to stand up to the company image we were creating.
Our team developed the brand with a humanistic touch, which translates into an honest, simple and credible corporate identity and website. The goal was to establish a feeling of comfort, with clean typography and a warm color palette, spread in a transparent design language that improves communication and navigation for the users.

"Working with D-HIVE has been a fantastic experience! From branding, market research and image, to structuring the service procedures and developing our website.
A big thank you, Isabel Alves and Ricardo Oliveira, who has been so important in this journey as mentors and advisors."

Ana Montesinos, Co-founder and project manager of Decora Sense




Other branding projects



The entire communication package was developed for the residential development. Branding, Advertising, Web Design, Print materials and more.


Arco D’Olide

ARCO is a historical residential complex in the center of Lisbon. In addition to CGI, our team also developed the branding, print material, and illustrated blueprints.


Coral Interiors

Interior Design company with a bold, distinctive and precise corporate identity. Logo refinement, graphics and Web design. Connected with the brand values.